At Fabit, we believe that you can achieve a lot by talking to each other. That’s why we’ve teamed up with partners. Together, we are making financial education in Fabit even more comprehensive and working towards our mission of financial literacy.


As a pioneer in customer-friendly and digital receivables management in B2B and B2C, atriga, together with other companies in the group, supports more than 25,000 clients worldwide. The company’s own IT research and development department stands for groundbreaking innovation and leads corporations and companies of all sizes and industries ‘TOTALLY DIGITAL’ into the 21st century.

Internationally active groups and companies from a wide range of industries (e.g. insurance, banking, e-commerce, healthcare, real estate, logistics, public transport, payment, telecommunications, publishing, mail order, utilities) value atriga’s comprehensive expertise, especially in the areas of receivables management, debt collection, law, software development and data protection.

atriga is a contractual partner of SCHUFA and most credit agencies, a member of Bundesverband Credit Management e.V. (BvCM), in the Federal Association of German Debt Collection Companies e.V. (BDIU), in the Society for Data Protection and Data Security e.V. (GDD) and in the Federal Association of Service Providers for Online Providers e.V. (BDOA).

atriga is a founding member of the e-commerce guide of the ibi research institute at the University of Regensburg.


Simple. Flexible. Digital.
That’s coeo.

Invoice overlooked? Underestimated expenses? Lost track of everything?
A financial bottleneck can have many causes – coeo’s goal is to mediate between the parties involved as a neutral partner and find a solution.

Our clients usually come from the e-commerce, energy, telecommunications or insurance sectors. They have sold goods or services to their customers and, in the course of non-payment of the invoice, have commissioned coeo to pursue the outstanding claim.

At coeo, we now look for the optimal solution for both sides, our client and his customer. To do this, we employ a number of debt collection experts, but also offer comprehensive digital services with many payment methods and options for a personal approach to a solution. In the best case scenario, the result at the end of our joint journey is a balanced claim and a happy customer who can once again shop with our client without worries.

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