Your questions, our answers

You have questions about Fabit? No problem, we have the answers. In our FAQ you will find the most important questions and answers about Fabit.

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What is Fabit?

Fabit is an app that helps you manage your money. In small steps, Fabit imparts knowledge and suggests actions and challenges that will make you have more money at your disposal. Your financial habits shape your entire life and are the reason why you feel good or bad financially. With Fabit, you learn to challenge old habits and improve your behavior. At the same time, Fabit actively guides help with setting up your budget, managing debt, and communicating with creditors.

When should I start using Fabit?

The beauty of Fabit is that you can start at any time. No matter when or where you decide to improve your financial situation, with Fabit you don’t have to wait for appointments or start poring through binders and sorting mail. Fabit gives you the opportunity to start at any time, in small steps, and at your own pace.

What does Fabit cost?

Fabit is currently free of charge and you will be able to use the community, the buddy system, the budget book and also the provided knowledge permanently free of charge. We plan to offer more paid services later on. Tell us what you are still missing in Fabit and how we can support you even better.

Who sees my Fabit profile?

Your profile name and profile picture are visible to the entire Fabit community. If you want, you can choose a nickname as your profile name and upload a profile picture that is not you. In addition, in your profile settings you have the option to set exactly who can see which part of your profile and also who can see your shared posts in the community. You have the following choices:


  • “only me”: only you see your own posts on the pinboard. This way you can use Fabit as a kind of private diary for your own reviews.
  • “my buddies”: only Fabit users who are directly connected to you. You can see who these are under “my buddies” and invite new buddies to Fabit with your buddy ID
  • “Community”: all Fabit users
What are Buddies?

Buddies are people who accompany you on your journey to financial health. People who successfully manage their financial problems and debt often have someone in their personal circle who helps them. This person can be a partner, a friend, a family member, or a debt counselor. In Fabit, we invite these very people to join you. You can both ask people from your life to support you in Fabit, ask your debt counselor to do so, or find a buddy from the Fabit community.

Why is there a community in Fabit?

When we are facing something difficult and trying to change our habits, it is good to be able to talk about this process of change. It just feels good to know that there are people who are or have been in a similar situation as yourself. You know the principle of apps on dietary changes, sports and addictive behavior. And there are also various groups on social media for sharing information about financial difficulties. Fabit offers you a protected place not only to manage your money, but also to ask all your questions and share difficulties and successes with others. Only members of the Fabit community can see your posts. You have the option to restrict this access even further.

Who has access to my data?

No other Fabit user can see your data. Only you can see your budget book and all the data you enter in Fabit. If you want, you can connect with other Fabit users, discuss your questions and successes in the Fabit community, and have a Fabit buddy guide your journey to financial health.

Your financial data is safe with Fabit. The app operates according to German security and data protection standards. Fabit stores your data only on servers in Germany. All data is transmitted via a secure SSL connection.

What is the scientific basis of Fabit?

Your motivation is the most important factor in making it. Whether you want to get out of debt or just have more money available each month, changing habits is hard. It’s been scientifically proven that people need to experience rewards in order to stick with something. That’s why, for example, in overcoming debt, there’s the Snowball Principle, which lets you pay off your debts from smallest to largest, so that you regularly have a sense of achievement. Every change also has low points. Fabit guides you through those emotional lows. With buddies, community and app, we make sure you don’t lose heart and lead a healthy financial life in the long run.

Who is behind Fabit?

We are a team of people who believe that financial education and self-determination are important and that everyone should have the chance to live a healthy life financially as well. The knowledge that is taught about finances in schools and in families is often insufficient and causes a financial false start in life, especially for young people. It takes a lot of effort to make up for the mistakes of the beginning and with Fabit we want to help. We want to enable you to take your finances into your own hands and empower you with comprehensible knowledge.