Community Policy

1. General Information

Fabit stands for a friendly, helpful and respectful exchange with and among each other.

Your buddies and the community should be conversation partners, motivators and reminders for you. Changing habits does not happen overnight. It is important to have an open exchange and to be able to talk about the change process. 

With our community and the buddy concept, we offer you a protected space where you can get rid of all your questions, worries and concerns about money. Successes should also be celebrated here and situations should be addressed in a motivating manner. It is important that only members of the Fabit community can see your posts. In addition, you have the option to further restrict these rights at any time. 

2. Rules for Posts and Comments 

Your posts and comments should always be: 

  • friendly,
  • helpful and 
  • respectful

We want you to:

  • accept that there are different opinions,
  • criticize objectively and constructively, 
  • support and help each other and
  • take the concerns and needs of others seriously.

On certain topics and behaviors we take a clear position and ask you to accept it. Please report comments or posts that contradict our community guidelines. According to ยง 6 para. 1 of our terms of use, we reserve the right to delete content that violates this guideline or legal regulations in particular, or the rights of third parties (especially personal rights). This includes in particular:

  • Insults, defamation and discrimination against persons, in particular on the basis of their ethnic origin, nationality, religion or belief, physical condition, sexual identity, income, skin color or age or gender
  • Hate speech or hateful behavior
  • Slurs and other derogatory language
  • Personal attacks, derogatory comments, false claims, bullying and teasing
  • Vulgar posts
  • Illegal actions
  • Publishing private contact information of third parties without their consent  
  • Sending personal messages and links for advertising purposes (spamming)

These rules apply to both the publicly visible area and the personal messages.

By joining the Fabit Community you agree to our Community Policy. We are looking forward to you and your way to financial recovery. 

Status: July 2021