About us

Our mission

Fabit enables people to be mindful and effective with their finances. We take away mental load, we accompany and support, we nudge when necessary and we enable healthy financial behaviour on a long-term basis.

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For this we break taboos …

Dealing with money is the last taboo in our society. People don’t talk about money. Fabit founders Susanne, Ralf and Robert want to break the taboo on the subject of money and finally talk about how to learn how to handle money and acquire healthy financial habits. After all, no one taught the majority of us how to do that. 

Insurance, taxes, and how to budget your disposable income don’t come up in school. If we were lucky, our parents gave us a lot of knowledge. But in all likelihood, no one ever explained to us how to handle money in a structured way. And that’s surprising, because it’s one of the essential things in adult life. 

What’s more, help is available for all kinds of topics. From fitness trainers, nutritionists or dog trainers to language learning apps and couples therapy. Only when it comes to money are we suddenly supposed to know everything ourselves. 

… and enable action

For the three Fabit founders, this is an unacceptable situation. That’s why they developed Fabit – an app that helps you to better manage your finances and develop healthy financial habits. Fabit combines event-based financial education, active financial support in everyday life, and a behavioral approach to help you achieve your goals in the long term. 

Fabit is the app turned vision that everyone can manage their own finances.

The team

We believe that financial education and self-determination are important and that everyone should have the chance to live a healthy life financially too. Fabit supports you in taking your finances into your own hands. 

We work with a pioneering spirit and startup mentality. Be part of an open and value-based team from the beginning that supports and encourages you; show ownership and hands-on mentality.

Want to be part of the Fabit team? Great! Just check out our careers page. We are looking forward to meeting you!

The founders

Fabit Dr. Ralf-Michael Schmidt

Dr. Ralf-Michael Schmidt

Ralf is a trained banker and lawyer with a keen eye for detail. He founded and successfully sold the legal tech company Smartlaw.de.

Fabit Susanne Krehl

Susanne Krehl

Susanne is a communications and financial technology expert. She is an enthusiastic scuba diver and is involved with FinTech Ladies and FinTech Stammtisch.

Fabit Robert Heim

Robert Heim

Robert has been programming since he was 12 years old. The computer scientist has already founded several companies and is passionate about penspinning.