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What is Fabit?

Fabit helps you improve your money management. Are you struggling to deal with your finances? The Fabit app helps you adopt healthier financial behaviors in a sustainable way. Fabit conveys the necessary knowledge in small understandable portions and actively accompanies you in everyday life. In the app, you can keep a budget book, keep track of your liabilities and installment payments, and optimize your financial habits in weekly challenges. Fabit supports you in dealing with creditors and in building up healthy financial habits. Playful, motivating and with a behavioral science approach, Fabit helps you reduce costs while still having a high quality of life and reducing debt. 

Your benefits from Fabit

Personal digital coaching
Budget control support
Help with realistic installment plans
Learn how to get rid of debt
Help in dealing with your mail
Long-term financial planning and fulfilling your dreams

Fabit makes a plan with you and shows you how much money you can spend every day. We start together. In small steps and with understandable texts and videos.

You are not alone. Many people have never learned how to handle money and have problems setting up and sticking to a budget. We help you with that and in the protected Fabit community you can ask all your questions and celebrate your successes. 

Fabit improves your financial habits and helps you pay everything on time. Our behavioral approach ensures that you’ll have more money in your account for the long term.

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Manage money better with the Fabit app. With Fabit, you always have an overview of your finances, can keep a budget book in the app and optimize your money management habits. Download the Fabit app now.